PiMSO network connections

It came to our attention that the different modes of operation is difficult to understand, so here are some block diagrams to explain the network connections. In the fullest form, the PiMSO can interact with world via different paths.


In this configuration, it is connect to world via Wifi dongle, Ethernet cable and a monitor.  Internally, the PiMSO occupies three networks:, 192.168.100.x and dhcp client network.  The Nginx web server simply serves the WebMSO28 web pages to any device that asks for it. Since Nginx does not care about which IP address that it serves to, we can pare the connection to the Raspberry Pi down to the just the monitor connection, which gives you this.


With a keyboard and mouse, WebMSO28 pages runs locally under the Midori browser.   If the Raspberry Pi is web enabled, ie. connected to a router via the Ethernet cable.   This allows device that is internet routable to access the PiMSO.


What if you are at a location that there is no internet? nor do you have access to keyboard, monitor and mouse?  In this situation, the bare minimum that you need is the Raspberry Pi, a Wi-Fi dongle, the MSO-28 and a Wi-Fi capable smart device.


Add the Ethernet cable if you want to share the PiMSO with the world.


Hopefully this will clarify some confusion regarding the possible network options available to the PiMSO.

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