100 Khz
Higher bandwidth model available upon request


LX-08L ±20-300V AC/DC
Higher voltage model available upon request


8 pairs of banana jacks


2 x 8 0.1" header
3V logic



L x W x H
6.6" x 2.3" x 1.4" (167mm x 58mm x 35mm)


6.5 ounces (186 grams)


Single CR2032 coin cell

Power requirement

Part Number




8 ch Isolated High Voltage adapter for Logic Analyzer
±20-300V AC/DC

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LX-08 High Voltage Isolator for Logic Analyzers

The LX-08 series of high voltage logic analyzer adapters provides a safe isolated method of measuring high voltage control signals with a low voltage logic analyzer. All inbound signals are optically isolated and attenuated to a safe level for the delicate inputs typically found on logic analyzers.
The inputs on the LX-08 are capable of withstanding voltages up to ±300V AC/DC, higher voltage configurations are available upon request. Rather than probing with multiple neon screwdrivers, the LX-08 can provide simultaneous viewing of up to 8 circuits in the STANDALONE mode via the indicator array.
Need to catch a transient event or map out a timing sequence? Just add a logic analyzer to the outputs of the LX-08 and turn it into a high voltage logic analyzer. High voltage signals that were hazardous for a logic analyzer can now be measured safely. Typical outputs of a high speed PLC sequencer can be precisely timed and measured from both sides of the control relay. With the built in user selectable AC filter circuit, an AC signal can be measured as DC events or AC cycles.


mso software

Each LX-08 comes with 8 optically isolated channels that connect to the test circuit with industry standard dual banana jacks. The inbound signal is conditioned and presented on a row of 0.1” spaced header pins, where it can easily interface with a logic analyzer. The isolated nature of the channels allows for floating ground, reversed gound, mixed gound and hot chassis measurements. In today’s world of industrial Internet of Things (IoT), where process optimization demands fine grain control, the LX-08 can provide a process control engineer an unprecedented view of control signals from harsh industrial endpoints.

pulse measurements

Cable harness options are available for interfacing the LX-08 to various logic analyzers manufactured by Link Instruments. Depending on the model of the logic analyzer, up to 160 channels of signals can be visualized simultaneously.

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